Joe Dawson


When I joined Ask Jeeves in June, 1999 we were situated in Berkeley, on Parker Street. Less that two months later, we moved to our new World Headquarters in Emeryville across the street from the Amtrak station and across the tracks from the Emeryville Public Market, a food court that is home to 27 independent food vendors, mostly Asian.

We grew so quickly over the next few months that our new quarters could not hold us all, and some of us, including Software Engineering, moved to satelite offices in or near Oakland City Center. The first wave moved into the 11th floor of 505 14th Street, which is where I work today. A larger contingent moved into 1111 Broadway, a scant block away.

Here are a few shots of my office, my colleagues, my gym and the local surrounds.

My Office
My Gym
My Colleagues
My Office Neighborhood